The Rosé Disruptor

The Rosé Disruptor

05 February, 2021

In the week that Jeff Bezos (he of that little internet operation that thought he may save a forest, perhaps even a whole rainforest, by taking book selling online) announced his retirement as CEO, it's perhaps fitting to recognise that not all "disruptors" are IT geeks that can build algorithms faster than you and I can pop a cork.

Imagine this: you're wine royalty, born into a family with impeccable international credentials and owning a 4th Growth Margaux Estate. You inherit this Estate, look the gift horse directly in the mouth, and flog it.  After casting around for a suitable opportunity, you buy a winery that produces .... say it quietly ..... rosé ...

Now this is 2006. Those amusing locals may well have developed an appreciation of the joys of quality rosé in the south of France, but to the rest of us (particularly those of us in the English speaking world) back then, rosé was something cheap, something pretty awful, and something we may just slug down a glass of if, and only if, we happen to have our toes in some French seawater. A bit like drinking Retsina in Greece; a simply marvellous idea, dahhling, in the hot Greek sunshine, but definitely not for bringing home! Heaven forfend, the only other tribe drinking pink were the Americans, and even they insisted on calling it White (Zinfandel) ... and leaving sugar in it. Urgh, sweet!

But we digress. Back to The Rosé Disruptor.

His name is Sacha Lichine, who sold (gasp) Chateau Prieuré-Lichine in 1999, and bought Chateau D'Esclans in Provence in 2006. A rosé producer ... quelle horreure. The salons of the fine Chateaux of Bordeaux were agog with rumours of the young man being completely off his rootstock!

But he's a clever, talented fellow is our Sacha and he wasted no time sitting on his laurels, his grenache, or indeed even his cinsault; a force in a rush to bring the joys of both the wine and lifestyle of Provence to us, he immediately set out to change the global (no less!) perception of Rosé. Investing heavily in vineyards and vinification technology - you should see the optical grape sorter in action - and recruiting the former head winemaker of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, Patrick Léon. They set about crafting one of the industry's most highly regarded portfolios of high-quality Rosé: Whispering Angel, Rock Angel, Les Clans and Garrus. Chateau D'Esclans and The Palm followed more recently.

Whispering Angel catapulted to success as the leading premium Rosé on the market and the winery has had the fastest growing range of fine wines to be introduced globally during the past two decades, setting the tone for unprecedented growth within the Rosé category. “Without passion, there’s not much you can do successfully in life,” says Lichine, and it is that passion that has led to the enormous success of Whispering Angel amongst Rosé lovers.

We've just taken delivery of the 14th vintage of Whispering Angel, the brand-spanking new 2020 vintage.

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