Alazani Qvevri Saperavi

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A deliciously rustic, rich wine with a full palate of juicy black fruits. Herb and spice notes with the rounded tannins on the finish. A clean wine with a definite earthy element from the traditional Georgian qvevri winemaking technique.

100% Saperavi

The Saperavi variety is an indigenous dark skinned, pink fleshed indiginous Georgian variety. Saperavi translates as ‘dye’ which is apt for this teinturier grape which produces richly coloured wines with good acidity.

Alazani is located in a village called Kardenakhi. Kardenakhi has a long winemaking history, every house/door had a vine growing over it and that’s where the name comes from - `Kari` (door) and `Venakhi` (vine) - `Kardenakhi`. Alazani makes wines in both the traditional `qvevri` way and more modern international winemaking styles.

Fermented and aged in the traditional Qveveri: The grapes are crushed and put into the qvevri alongside their skins, pips and stalks (known in Georgia as the chacha which can be made into a spirit later), the wine ferments and then stays in the qvevri for around six months at which point the chacha is removed and the wine is returned to the qvevri for further ageing.

Type Red
Country Georgia
Region Eastern Georgia
Appellation Kakheti
Vintage 2019
Grapes Saperavi
ABV 14.0%