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Barbadillo Obispo Gascon 15yo Palo Cortado


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Very Dry. Golden amber with aromas of toasted nuts, vanilla and crystallized fruits. Dry and very intense, but its long ageing process gives it delicacy, finesse, complexity and superb length.

Palo Cortado belongs to the oloroso family. However, it is characterized by having a noticeable finesse in comparison to those wines destined to be olorosos,and because of this it is set aside for a specific ageing, this extraordinary liquid has the capacity to became a particularly delicate oloroso. Palo Cortado translates as “cut stick” and the wine gets its name from the symbol the cellar overseer chalks on the barrels when he tastes the wine.

This wine is a classic aperitif and is ideal alongside nuts especially almonds and chestnuts. If drunk with food it goes well a variety of dishes such as red meat casseroles; poultry dishes such as partridge with Brussels sprouts; beetroot; potato soufflé; lamb chops with melon and foiegras. Or if you prefer, try it with baked fish dishes uch as sea bass with vegetable and nut sauce. Finally, it brings out the best in certain desserts such as dry pastries and cakes.  In order to appreciate the distinctive qualities of the Palo Cortado, it is best served at an ambient cellar temperature of 12º to 13º and never very cold to avoid losing the aromas. It should always be served in a wine glass, even when drunk as an aperitif.

The Barbadillo family are one of the key players in the Sherry trade. From their base in the coastal city of Sanlucar de Barrameda, at the very southwest tip of Spain, the family have forged a reputation as one of the best Sherry producers. Barbadillo was founded by Don Beningo and Don Manuel Barbadillo in 1821. It was Don Beningo’s fortune, acquired through his business enterprises in Mexico, that allowed the family to purchase their first Bodega, the ‘Bodega del Toro’, near the ‘Castillo de San Diego’, in the heart of Sanlucar’s old high town. A vitally important location for maturing Sherry, the high town occupies the ridge of a hill overlooking the rest of Sanlucar, and the Atlantic Ocean. Its height gives unbeatable access to winds that blow in from the sea. This allows the Bodegas with their high ceilings and classic huge circular windows to regulate their temperature and capture moisture essential for propagating ‘flor’, a layer of yeast cells that float on the surface of the wine inside the casks.

Type Fortified,Sherry
Country Spain
Region Andalucia
Appellation Jerez
Vintage NV
Grapes Palomino
ABV 21.5%