Beluga Vodka

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Made in the century-old Mariinsk distillery in Siberia from superior malt spirit and pure artesian water from Siberian springs; triple distilled and rested for 30 days. Super smooth....

One of the most prestigious and respected Russian vodkas, Beluga is created at The Mariinsk Distillery in the heart of Siberia. This region is famed for its clean air and pristine lakes and rivers, Beluga reflecting the purity of the environment in which it is created. The concept of Alexander Mechetin, CEO and majority shareholder of The Beluga Group, this spirit was born from a long-term vision to premiumise Russian vodka – both domestically and, perhaps more importantly, across international markets where Russian vodka had come to be perceived as secondary to its European competitors.

First, however, Alexander had to find a home for his brand and in 2002 he partnered with The Mariinsk Distillery in Siberia. Founded in 1900, Mariinsk had the reputation of being one of the most innovative and efficient distilleries in Russia, and in Beluga they have had the opportunity to demonstrate this on the international stage. Unusually using malted barley as the base material and combining this with the purest Siberian water, Mariinsk combines the latest technology with more than 100 years of vodka-making experience to create a range that has catapulted Beluga to one of the the topselling, super-premium, traditional vodkas on the world stage.

Type Vodka
Country Russia
Region Siberia
ABV 40.0%