Diplomatico mini 5cl

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An exquisite sipping rum made almost entirely from sugar cane honey, most of it pot-stilled. Delicious fruity, sweet and mocha flavours combine for a wonderfully soft and enjoyable rum.

Set deep in the Venezuelan countryside, the Diplomatico Distillery is surrounded by the beautiful National Park Terepaima, a location befitting of their marvellous spirit.

Diplomatico is a brand of rum made by Destileria Unidias (a 100% Venezuelan owned company), who run one of the most complex and varied distilling operations anywhere in the world. The distillery has seven stills, three potstills and four column stills, allowing it to create a versatile and wide range of spirits. They use only the very finest grade of molasses. Destileria Unidias have an unbelievable 49 different recipes for rum that the use at their site, allowing them to produce both Cacique rum, which sells over a million cases in Spain alone, and Pampero, known to many bartenders across the UK and Europe as a top-quality cocktail rum. Yet it is Diplomatico that is their stand out premium rum, and it has rightly won many plaudits.

The story of the brand’s name is a charming one. During the latter part of the 19th Century, a distinguished gentleman named Don Juancho Nieto Melendez, who lived close to where the distillery is now based, developed a passion for sourcing and understanding the very best beverages and spirits he could. Particularly, Melendez was fascinated by artisan techniques that produced different flavours by just the slightest variation. Bringing with him to Venezuela a knowledge of sugar mills and distillation techniques, alongside a selection of the very finest liquors he encountered in his Caribbean tours. With these he created his own blends that were offered to his friends at dinner parties, that became known as ‘The Ambassador’s Reserves’- hence, ‘Diplomatico’! In addition, all bottles of this rum feature his portrait.

Type Rum
Country Venezuela
ABV 40.0%