Fattori Trebbiano di Soave Ronca

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Juicy, bright pear drop with a layer of herbs. Absolutely fabulous attack on the taste buds ... like a bolt of lightning. Very long and very refreshing with a wonderful mountain stream quality.

Not to be confused with the ordinary Trebbiano, the Trebbiano di Soave is a high quality grape with ageing potential, indigineous to the Veneto.

The surname "Fattori" suggests that the family's roots lie in working on the land, probably for a local landowner. It isn't clear when the Fattori family became landowners, but they were first documented as having wineries in the early 1900s. Antonio Fattori, grandfather of the current owner and oenologist Antonio Fattori, began by planting vines in the hills surrounding the village of Terrossa. Remarkably, Antonio didn't lose heart when on returning from battle in 1919 he found his vines destroyed by phylloxera.

The Fattori family has been running the winery since 1970. The present head and enologist of the winery Antonio Fattori, was the first to have an opportunity to study professional winemaking. As such, he is passionate about incorporating modern winemaking techniques and state-of-the-art-technology, though without compromising his family's reputation as producers of high-quality and authentic wines.

Since taking over the winery, Antonio Fattori has preserved old vineyards, planted new ones, with a different vine for every wine at every altitude (between 150 - 450 metres msl.). He uses cement, stainless steel and oak containers for fermentation, and processes the must in non-invasive ways in order to eliminate the need for chemicals.

Although not certified, the vineyards are tended organically.

Antonio is a remarkably thoughtful and precise winemaker who combines rigorous and sustainable vineyard management techiques with a remarkably precise, gentle, and almost poetic approach to his winemaking.

Type White
Country Italy
Region Veneto
Appellation Trebbiano di Soave IGT
Vintage 2018
Grapes Trebbiano di Soave
ABV 12.5%