Flysch Txacolina

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Celebrate summer like they do in Bilbao. Zingy with cleansing grapefruit and lime elements. The very light spritz adds grip and freshness to the wine. For the brave, this is the wine they do the Basque High Pour with...

Tucked between the famed Bilbao and San Sebastien, sits the DO of Getariako Txakolina, easily missed if you aren’t looking for it. Yet it is here that some of Spain’s freshest wines are produced. This is one of Spain’s coolest regions with enviable views overlooking the Atlantic to the north and the Pyrenees to the east. It is the sea breeze that helps to keep the fruit disease free, in an area that is otherwise quite humid.

It was only in 1990 that this DO was created, after a major revival of the wine in the decade before. There are just a handful – thirty or so – producers creating this unique style of wine. Once such producer is Juan Ma Etxabe of Bodega Gorosti, who is part of the fourth generation of farmers in the area. Nearly all of the vineyards are planted with Hondarribi Zuri, the variety for the production of Flysh Txakoli. This wine is perfect for its drinkability and refreshment; light in style with a fresh citrus zest and a lively verve on the finish.

Traditionally an aperitif in Spain, the pouring of Txackoli – through a notch in the cork and from a great height – is always a joy to watch. And perform.

Type White
Country Spain
Region Basque Country
Appellation Getariako Txacolina
Vintage 2020
Grapes Hondarribi Zuri
ABV 11.2%