Gulfi Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG

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An absolute belter of a wine, layered and complex, with different flavours filling the mouth at different points. Red and blue fruits, a little lifted orange, fine tannins. And the texture! Medium-bodied and super enjoyable.

Nero D'Avola 70%,Frappato 30%.

Cerasuolo di Vittoria is a dry red Italian wine from a region around the comune of Vittoria, Sicily. The only wine with DOCG status in Sicily, it is made from a blend of two Sicilian grape varieties, Nero d'Avola (locally known as Calabrese) at between 50% and 70%, with Frappato as the remainder. The DOCG rules also include regulation of cropping rates and a minimum alcohol level of 13%. Cerasuolo means "cherry red" and refers to the colour of the resulting blend of these grapes.

From Sicily’s extreme south-eastern tip, stretching up to the wild volcanic slopes of Etna, Gulfi’s vineyards can be found in some of islands most interesting and expressive viticultural areas. Raffaele Catania started making Gulfi wines in the 70’s, at this stage just Nerojbleo grown on the Ibleo mountains. In 1995 Raffaele’s son Vito took over, with a vision to expand their offerings and make the best Nero d’Avola wines available. Three generations of knowledge, experience and winemaking traditions have now been passed down through the Catania family. Their philosophy, to nurture and develop native Sicilian grapes varieties, working organically with very old vines and a minimal intervention approach to winemaking. Today Gulfi is run by Vito’s two sons Matteo and Raffaele who have only further strengthened the reputation of this exemplary estate.

Committed to sustainability and a minimal intervention approach, Gulfi are certified organic, taking utmost care in the vineyard to protect its natural balance. “Land is our richness, we don’t have to misuse it but rather listen to it and conserve it.” Vito Catania. Their winemaking philosophy is simple, working with minimal intervention to make terroir expressive wines which allow the true nature of these native varieties to shine. Together with consultant winemaker Salvo Foti, this iconic estate consistently release some of Sicily’s (if not Italy’s) top wines. Capable of very long ageing, these wines are really expressive, with strong typicity, and refinement.

Type Red
Country Italy
Region Sicily
Appellation Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG
Vintage 2020
Grapes Nero D'Avola,Frappato
ABV 13.5%