Gunderloch A Piece of Me, Dry Riesling

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 Young vines in the spectacular Nackenheim Rothenberg vineyard blended with a parcel of 35-year-old vines to create a tautly strong wine with extraordinary aromatic expression. Minerality, spice and length define this wine.

From Johannes Hasselbach, current owner: Our winery has been founded in 1890 by the Banker Carl Gunderloch. Since then it has been the passion of our family to focus on the Riesling variety which finds perfect conditions in our vineyards. The 250 million year old “Red slate” -Soil from permian times and the special microclimatic setting on the steep slopes next to the impressive River Rhein build the base for the creation of unique wines. At the Moment the Hasselbach Family cultivates 24ha of vineyards which are planted with 85% Riesling. Working with our vineyards we feel obliged to preserve the plants and the sanity of the soil for the generations to come. Already with an cautious pruning we are aiming for very low yields around 50 hl/ha. It is our ambition to find the perfect balance of aromatics, a fruity acidity and the typical minerality of our slaty soils. of the Grape-Berry. We are fascinated by the harmony between concentration, liveliness and a strong mineralic-deepnes.

Type White
Country Germany
Region Rheinhessan
Vintage 2017
Grapes Riesling
ABV 12.0%