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Hakushu Single Malt Distillers Reserve


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From Suntory's Hakushu Distillery, this exemplifies the distillery's style, balancing whiskies from across all barrel types and ages. It is full of fresh herbaceous notes upfront, with crisp melon and citrus, followed by wafts of smoke.

Suntory founded Hakushu in 1973, purchasing not just land enough for the distillery, but a large area around the site as well to protect its reportedly exquisite water source. Hakushu lives quite high as distilleries go, at an elevation of nearly 2300′ which is about 750′ higher than Scotland’s highest distillery. Initially, there was one still room with 12 pairs of stills, but in just seven short years, these 24 copper beauties were apparently running full steam and Suntory realized they needed what all overburdened distilleries need – more stills. A second still house came online in 1981, adding 6 more pairs (that’s 12 stills…) to the total. Now, with all 36 stills galloping along at full speed, Hakushu was able to claim the title of largest distillery in the world.

Type Whisky
Country Japan
Peat Medium Peat
ABV 43.0%