Lacuesta Vermouth Rojo

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Highly aromatic, beautifully balancing the sweet and bitter notes. Pairs well with dark, aged spirits such as whisky, dark rum, bourbon and rye. Think Manhattan, Negroni, Rob Roy etc.

Founded in 1895 by lawyer Felix Marintez Lacuesta at just 21 years old, he became President of the National Association of Winegrowers also later named President of the Union of Exporters of Wines of Rioja, Spain. The business started with a small store located at 27 Vega street, the main thoroughfare of the City of Haro, where Felix sold wines that had been bought from the winegrowers of the area, adding his own branding.So important was Felix there is a memorial bust to him in the Vega Gardens in Haro. The third generation of the family remain in charge today.

Lacuesta Vermouth have been making traditional vermouth in Spain since 1937.

Cold maceration takes place using the bodega’s own recipe with the white wine base and additional alcohol. Natural aromatic plants and herbs are used, including:
Sea wormwood, Coriander, Bitter orange, Wild marjoram, Elderflower, Savory, Yarrow, Cinnamon, Peruvian bark, Fennel, Red sandal, Nutmeg and Vanilla

For 15 days the blend is mixed continuously and the result is called CONZIA, then aged for at least 3 years in used American Oak Barrels. Due to the evaporation over this extended maturation (around 10) the herbal notes get very concentrated, building great flavour.

The CONZIA is then blended with wine, alcohol from distilled wine, citric acid and (extra fror the Extra Dry Vermouth) sugar. 7 months ageing in new French Allier oak medium-toasted casks follows.

Type Vermouth
Country Spain
ABV 15.0%