Lowerland Die Wonderdraai White

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Great tension and fruit concentration on the palate, yellow peach flavours with a fresh green finish. A very drinkable wine suited for any occasion. Pair with a fresh nectarine & haloumi salad, seafood spread or ice cold by itself.

Colombard 63%, Chenin Blanc 21%, Viognier 16%

6,550 bottles produced in 2021.

On a longitude of 22° 42’ 0” E and a latitude of 29° 40’ 0” S is a small town where water has the power to defy gravity and run uphill ... okay where water has the power to create the illusion that it defies gravity and create the illusion that it flows uphill.

Situated in the Bo-Karoo (Upper Karoo) is a little town called Prieska, nestled at the foot of Doringberg on the south bank of the Orange River. Translated Karoo means 'the place of big drought', named by the Hottentots; Prieska means 'place of the lost she-goat' in Khoisan; Doringberg means 'Thorn Mountain' in Afrikaans and the Orange River is a poetic handle on brown river water. Taking all of the above into consideration one would think that this little town is special for the simple reason that here 'on thorn mountain where the she-goat got lost is a place of big drought ironically right on the banks of an inaccurately coloured river'; notwithstanding at this place lies something even more wonderful, a place called Wonderdraai.

Wonderdraai means 'Wonder Turn' in Afrikaans and is exactly that, a wonderful turn taken by the Orange River that is as optimistic as its so-called colour and as lucky as its horse-shoe shaped bend. At this wonderful turn the Orange River carves out a natural anomaly forming a horse shoe shaped island that is well worth taking a turn and a wander to view .

And now you know how this wine was named...


Type White
Country South Africa
Region Northern Cape
Appellation Prieska
Vintage 2021
Grapes Colombard,Chenin Blanc,Viognier
ABV 13.0%