Lustau Amontillado Los Arcos

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Dry. This dry Amontillado acquires a genuine, rich and nutty flavor through its 12 years of aging. Amber in colour, with hazelnut aromas on the nose. Light, soft and round on the palate.

Established in 1896, Bodegas Lustau is considered a world-class benchmark for top-quality Sherry. Bodegas Emilio Lustau winery is the only winery that crafts wines in all three towns that constitute the area known as "Marco de Jerez", the Mecca of Sherry. The region is a geographical triangle formed by the villages of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, El Puerto de Santa María and Jerez de la Frontera.

Amontillado sherry starts its life as a Fino or Manzanilla, characterized by biological ageing under flor, a layer of yeast that lives on top of the wine surface. After this initial maturation (usually two to eight years) a second period of maturation starts in which the wine is exposed to oxygen (without flor). A cask of Fino is considered to be Amontillado as soon as the layer of flor stops developing because the flor can’t find enough nutrients in the wine to survive. Most of the time though, the flor is intentionally “killed”, simply by fortifying the wine (a second time) to above 17 degrees of alcohol. There is a wide range of Amontillado styles. Some will display more flor character (sharper, leaner) while others will have a bigger influence of the oxidative phase (rounder, more pastry-like). The older an Amontillado gets, the stronger the wood influence will become. This can result in spicy notes and sometimes a leathery tobacco note. It is one of the most complex, refined styles of sherry.

Type Fortified,Sherry
Country Spain
Region Andalucia
Appellation Jerez
Vintage NV
Grapes Palomino
ABV 18.5%