Mamont Vodka Gift Pack

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Unique, super premium vodka from the mountains of Siberia, where the ancient mammoths that once roamed the region provide inspiration to the distillers. A fantastic clean, pure vodka with a hint of sweetness and a dry finish.

In 2001, after surviving an emergency landing, a group of 12 explorers found themselves trapped by glaciers in the South Pole. While waiting for a rescue team to arrive, they warmed themselves up with vodka and soon came up with the idea of organizing an expedition to find the great Mammoth.

Siberia is a mysterious land, stretching from the Urals to the Pacific and from the borders of China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan to the Arctic. Few have experienced its uncommonly wild and haunting beauty, unspoilt forests, lakes, rivers, and mountains.  They couldn’t believe their luck when in 2003, an original Mammoth tusk was discovered peaking out from the melting ice of the frozen tundra in Russia. Hearing about this breakthrough, one of the 12 explorers, Frederick Paulsen, organised for a team of scientists to go to the site.

Remarkably the layers of ice reveal a whole mammoth with hair still attached. The Yukagir mammoth turned out to be one of the most important discoveries for today’s scientists.

To honour this wonderful adventure and the heritage found in Siberia, Mr Paulsen brought Mamont Vodka to life. A vodka that is elegant, timeless and full of character. Mamont vodka is produced in one of Russia’s oldest distilleries at the foot of the famous Altai Mountains. It is made by skilled craftsmen using only traditional methods, natural ingredients and a sustainable production.

The Altai Mountain springs supply the water, which is renowned throughout Russia for its purity. Mamont first selects the finest Siberian white winter wheat and conducts a carefully controlled fermentation to produce an exceptional alcohol. The spirit is then, distilled six times. A small proportion of cedar nut spirit is added to the liquid before being carefully filtered through silver birch charcoal.

Type Vodka
Country Russia
ABV 40.0%