Principe Corsini Chianti Classico Riserva Cortevecchia 2010 Magnum


 Oooo... a mature Magnum of Riserva from the outstanding 2010 vintage. A perfumed nose of black cherry, bramble and spice with hints of tobacco. Pairs best with company!

Villa Le Corti is located in the most northern section in the village of San Casciano, a 10 minute drive south of Florence. The estate comprises of over 600 acres of land, including 121 acres of Sangiovese vineyards.. Here, both the climate and soil are different than further south and in turn play a different role. Generally, the temperature is slightly milder around this commune, so picking is marginally earlier than most of the 8 other communes. The soil generally shows more river stones and sand resulting in lighter wines with more elegance and finesse, rather than fuller bodied wines common in the more southerly communes.

The family behind Villa Le Corti, the Corsini Family, have amazing history with wine making roots that date back to the 14th century, making it one of the oldest Estates in Tuscany. Current custodian of the Corsini legacy, Duccio Corsini, is 32nd generation. Duccio took over the Estate in 1992 and one of his early achievements was to implement the use of the indigenous yeast within the winemaking process to help the wines speak of the Estate and its terroir. As the years progressed, all activities from farming to wine making and ageing are firmly oriented to the preserving the integrity of the fruit through their wines.