Salcombe Start Point Gin

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Rich and full in the mouth with juniper, red grapefruit and layers of warming citrus spice from English coriander seed and cubeb. Subtle savoury tones from bay leaf, balanced by a touch of sweetness from liquorice root.

The Salcombe Sistillery is built within an old boat repair workshop right on the Salcombe waterfront, and Hoshi and Provident sit within those walls. Hoshi and Provident are not the distillery founders (that would be Howard Davies and Angus Lugsdin), but rather the two 60 litre copper stills from Portugal that make Salcombe Gin. Their London 'Start Point' dry gin features a selection of 13 botanicals, notably fresh lemon, lime and red grapefruit peels, inspired by the Salcombe Fruitiers. These were copper-bottomed ships built in Salcombe (the start point) that travelled the world, bringing back hulls filled with exotic treats. Working with historians, the distillers have figured out the routes these ships would have taken, and endeavour to source some of their botanicals from those routes.

Type Gin
Country England
Region Devon
ABV 42.0%