Treloar Le Secret

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Rich and toasty with intense aromas and flavour of blackberries and toffee. The finish has a nice meaty character.

Jonathan Hesford and Rachel Treloar own and run Domaine Treloar, a small (30-acre), highly-regarded wine producing estate in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. A truly artisanal operation, Jonathan and Rachel do all the vineyard work themselves, only bringing in help for pruning and, of course, harvesting (which is all done by hand). In the winery, Jon does all the jobs, from cleaning the tanks and barrels to performing the analysis.

The Domaine only grows grape varieties traditional to the region and only makes wine from grapes grown in its own vineyards. Jonathan and Rachel believe that winemaking should be as natural as possible, and accordingly use low levels of sulfur and avoid the addition of acid, fining agents and preservatives. They rely on healthy grapes and inert gases to protect the wines from oxidation and/or bacterial spoilage.

The white wines are filtered only once or twice and fined only with bentonite to avoid protein haze. The red wines are not fined at all; they just pass through a coarse filter at bottling. They use only high-quality natural corks which have been treated by microwave to reduce the risk of TCA, and have chosen to bottle all their wines in light-weight bottles for environmental reasons.

Domaine Treloar create wines of rare artisinal quality. Salut!

Type Red
Country France
Region Languedoc
Appellation Cotes de Roussilon
Vintage 2016
Grapes Syrah
ABV 14.0%