Villa Roncati Fara Riserva Ciada


A strikingly good artisinal wine from the Alto Piemonte. Mostly Nebbiollo, this is like a polished, slightly richer and softer Barbaresco with layers of complexity and the most delightful tannins. Not to be missed.

Alto Piemonte, at the foot of the Alps is attractiing great attention for Italian fine wines. Quitessential piemontese aromas and flavours but readier to drink. A blend of Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Uva Rara aged for 34 months in Allier barrels. Valle Roncati's artisanal winery, run by Corrado and his two sons, makes small parcels of these fresh, vibrant gems with great depth and complexity.

If you're looking for a wine than has not just layers of complexity in it's aromatic and taste profile, but delivers a wonderfully tactile experience of textures and sensations in the mouth, then here it is. Bravissimo!