Walt LO Riesling 0.5abv

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A refreshing almost-no-alcohol Riesling, retaining all the flavours of a classic Riesling (!). Light, with notes of fresh limes and a hint of crunchy apple. The zesty acidity means the wine finishes dry, crisp and long.

Vinified in stainless steel tanks prior to undergoing a dealcoholization process.

In 1887 in Wiesbaden the firm Walter S. Siegel was formed, by its eponymous founder, principally to sell his own wines from vineyards in Germany. In 1937 Herr Siegel’s son, Hans, formed Walter S. Siegel Ltd, in London with England Test Cricketer Ian Peebles, through which they imported wines from Germany and France and with a “doff-of the-cap” to the Siegel name, the original Siegel brand was born.